Let me see if i can start off answering some common questions right here, and i’ll add stuff as i think of it or as it becomes apparent it should be up here in the FAQ.

Q: “How do i get a hold of you?” and the related “How do i get on the inventory email list?”
A: adam@dorightdistribution.com is best just due to the sheer volume of inquiries, but if you need an immediate answer to something text me, 773.930.6757

Q: “What’s in your portfolio?”
A: Shelton Brothers, Wolfden Brewing, Afterthought Brewing, Farnum Hill Ciders….for more detail click that thing over there that says “What We Carry” to see what we carry.

Q: “What’s in stock right now?”
A: A bunch of stuff. Email or Call for a current inventory sheet, which typically gets emailed out on Mondays.

Q: “Will you have product availability/pricing on this website?”
A: Maybe at some point.

Q: “Do you have order minimums?”
A: No. I hated those as a buyer so i don’t do them. If you need one case, you’ll get one case.

Q: “What about Online Ordering?”
A: Maybe, i’m exploring that option. I liked it as a buyer for some things, but not others.

Q: “How are you delivering beer? Running around in your little Honda Fit with the Einstürzende Neubauten sticker on it? Haw Haw Haw!”
A: I’ve partnered with the fine folks at H2Vino for my warehousing & delivery logistics, and they don’t call it a Fit for nothin’.

Q: “Will you do a Hot Drop of (brewery)’s beer?
A: Sure if they want to. Part of the business model is “i don’t care about your brand rights” so it’s low-risk for them. Get in touch if you wanna figure it out.

Q: “Who did your logo?”
A: My friend the incredibly multi-talented Jim Marcus did the logo.

Q: “Why are all your i’s lowercase?”
A: I’ve written this way for as long as i can remember, no sense in stopping now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯