Basically i’ve spent over a decade in various roles within the beer and restaurant industries, and one of things that has consistently irritated me is the weird protectionist practices in distribution; specifically the oddly hostile-towards-suppliers legislative stances, the draconian Franchise Laws and, locally, the Orwellian Doublespeak of what’s known as the Illinois’ Beer Industry Fair Dealings Act. All that stuff, plus the influence that large breweries have on the middle tier has just always pissed me off and i’ve never really felt the “free market” was actually free. Distribution is not a “one size fits all” scenario, and the fact that once you sign, you’re stuck just never sat right with me…i used to complain about it when i was at beer retail. Then i joined a brewery and actually had to negotiate those contracts, and i complained about it then. Then i went to a restaurant, and complained about it there, too.

Do Right is a direct response to the “one size fits all” distribution status quo. Nuanced portfolios that need a lot of attention and are very much a Right Beer/Right Account/Right Amount situation, and that’s exactly what our goal is. We don’t want to be brand collectors and have thousands of SKU’s shoehorned in all over the market, and we don’t want to to keep your brand rights either. We work with breweries to hammer out fair and equitable contracts that have term limits, rather than this implied “in perpetuity” bullshit that the laws allow for, decide on any recompense for leaving as part of the contract instead of fighting over “fair-market value” later, and just basically Do Right by our suppliers.

It’s basically the distribution company i always wanted to deal with when i was a buyer.

Also, Do Right is a bangin’ Cabaret Voltaire song from their album Micro-Phonies, so you should seek it out and play it loudly.